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POLITICS     24 Jan 2023

UN Secretary General: It is time to end all discriminatory laws and practices that hinder access to education

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made an address on January 24 International Education Day, Qalanews reports. The statement reads: "Education is a fundamental human right. It’s the bedrock of societies, economies, and every person’s potential. But without adequate investment, this potential will wither on the vine. It has always been shocking to me that education has been given such a low priority in many government policies and in international cooperation instruments. The theme of this year’s International Day of Education reminds us that “to invest in people, prioritize education.” Investment is critical to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4. Last year’s Transforming Education Summit gathered the world together to reimagine education systems so every learner accesses the knowledge and skills required to succeed. Over 130 countries made commitments to ensure that universal quality education becomes a central pillar of public policies and investments. A Call to Action on Educational Investment and the establishment of the International Financing Facility for Education created a fresh push on domestic and international financing. And the Summit launched a range of global initiatives to mobilize support for education in crises settings, girls’ education, foundational learning, transforming teaching, digital tools, and green education systems. Now is the time for all countries to translate their Summit commitments into concrete actions that create supportive and inclusive learning environments for all students. Now is also the time to end all discriminatory laws and practices that hinder access to education. I call on the de facto authorities in Afghanistan in particular to reverse the outrageous and self-defeating ban on access to secondary and higher education for girls. I also encourage countries to place education at the heart of preparations for the SDG Summit in 2023 and the Summit of the Future in 2024. Most of all, I urge civil society and youth to continue calling for more and better investment in quality education. Let’s keep the flame of transformation burning. Let’s deliver education systems that can support equal societies, dynamic economies and the limitless dreams of every learner in the world."
UN Secretary General: It is time to end all discriminatory laws and practices that hinder access to education
POLITICS 24 Jan 2023 - 17:17
German Defense Minister: NATO should not be a party to the Ukraine-Russia war
POLITICS 24 Jan 2023 - 14:45
Azerbaijani ambassador to Britain spoke about Vardanya's negative impact on the normalization process in "Financial Times"
POLITICS 24 Jan 2023 - 14:44
Poland requests German consent to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine
BUSINESS 24 Jan 2023 - 14:41
Uzbek President to pay visit to Kyrgyzstan
POLITICS 24 Jan 2023 - 14:33

06 Dec 2022
Chinese ambassador: Number of trains on the "Middle Corridor" will reach a new high throughout the year
"The Middle Corridor, which is highly compatible with China’s Belt and Road initiative, is significant in enhancing regional connectivity, promoting economic and social development along the route, and safeguarding the global supply chain," said the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China (PRC) to Azerbaijan Guo Min in her interview . "It has helped, in particular, to ensure the stable and smooth operation of the China-Central Asia-Caucasus-Europe transport route under the new circumstances of 2022. From January to August, the number of China-Europe freight trains passing through the Middle Corridor increased by 34% year-on-year; it is expected that the number of train trips will reach a new high throughout the year with additional new lines that have departure stations in many Chinese cities. China believes that China-Azerbaijan collaboration in cross-border transportation will make a new highlight and growth point," the ambassador said. According to the ambassador, in the context of a world economy in urgent need of recovery, China looks forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Azerbaijan and other countries along the Corridor so that we can jointly promote the high-quality connection between the Belt and Road and the Middle Corridor, and drive the flow of information, capital and personnel with the growth of logistics flow to provide new impetus for the development of countries along the Belt and Road and the Middle Corridor as well as regions concerned. "China is willing to share development opportunities and create a bright future with Azerbaijan," Guo Min added.